Compassionate Assistance During Your Most Treasured Moments


sofia ela gall


If someone was to ask me about the most memorable event  in my life, I think that like a lot of women, I would have to say that it was the birth of my first child.  The classes helped tremendously.  I knew what was happening with my body and all around me throughout labour.  Thank you Julie and Melissa.  You are angels.

Dr. Christina McGlashan


It's simple. Julie is the best!.  I was not sure if taking the classes would be worth the time and money.  She is hilarious and because of that I remembered everything she told us in labour.  Worth every penny! Don't hesitate!  



I am a physician in the community and I took Julie's class several months ago.  I am part of the Indian population in Brampton and I can tell you that if you don't take her class you are missing out invaluable information. Take the class!